Swisspearl Fibre Cement Cladding for new YMCA

The new 1.5m state-of-the art facility in Jervis Street has recently been opened. The project was funded by the Department of Education with some 40K raised by the YMCA.  The building facilitates a superb sports hall and a fully fitted kitchen on an industrial size.  The new centre also has meeting spaces, arts and craft spaces and other rooms which can be screened off or opened up to cater for various events. The entire centre is disability friendly and has a large outdoor hard landscaped space with a gas fire pit built in and raised planter beds.

Exterior building material 

The modern exterior finish is achieved by using Swisspearl fibre cement cladding panels, supplied by Swiss Facades.  At the early stages of the project, the team worked closely with both the architect and the main contractor, Bavan, to assist in the overall design and layout of the panels.  Once a panel layout was agreed a site survey was completed, this allowed the builder to install the sub-frame whilst waiting for delivery of panel.   The panels are then cut in the factory in Switzerland and delivered directly to site, therefore minimizing cutting and unnecessary waste material to site.

Project Management

Due to the collaborative approach taken, the outcome achieved the following.

  • Reduced wastage 5% – preplanning the layout helped to both reduce waste and costs.
  • operational efficiency onsite – This allows the contractors to plan and work within a schedule
  • Panels came pre-cut to site meaning no cutting and reduced spread of dust and pollution
  • Less handling of the panels – panels are packet per pallet, for ease of use and therefore keep cleaner.
  • Less downtime – quicker to install

The product chosen was from the Swisspearl Carat range and the colour chosen was 7020.  This particular panel and colour comes with a high resistance coating as standard. The colour durability of the material by using a high tech coating ensures  the appearance is stable for a long time  and  gives outstanding weather resistance and excellent protection against staining.  All the Swisspearl fibre cement panels are fire resistance and have a fire classification of A2  S1 d0.