Products Range

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Carat – 27 colours

CARAT panels are integrally colored with a transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the monolithic material with its delicate vein texture provide an exciting and noble expression to every building.


Reflex – 11 colours

REFLEX panels are directional, mostly integrally colored and have an iridescent surface coating which is purely acrylic. Changing lighting and angles of vision produce amazing nuances in color shades. For cutting and Installation, manufacturing direction of sheets is to respect.


Avera – 9 colours

With its very vivid texture, Avera was designed to give an unique touch to the façades.

Incora Range

Incora – 2 colours

Stylishly authentic –  The innovative Incora façade panel stands out through a vivid spreading pattern and a uniquely balanced interplay of colors. The high quality of every single panel is apparent in the details of the individualized appearance, which is the result of the balanced spreading technique.


Noblis – 16 colours


Texial – 5 colours