Seamus Heaney Home Place.

Swisspearl® Façades, Industry Leaders in Fibre Cement  colour and design.

The new state of the art centre “Seamus Heaney Home Place” is now completed. The façade of the building has been finished in various materials that blend harmoniously with the Swisspearl® fibre cement cladding panels.

The building designed by Architects WM Given Coleraine chose the Swisspearl® cladding, not only because of the wide variety of colours available, but also of its’ excellent environmental properties and longevity. The panels are 100% environmentally friendly since neither the raw materials nor the production process contain any harmful substances.

The fibre cement panels are made from 95% of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverized limestone, water and air. This ensures an effective protection of material resources, avoiding unnecessary transport distances when the product is manufactured.

The Swisspearl® panels were installed by Thornton Roofing and the sub-frame System uses a Kingspan insulated Karrier panel to which the Swisspearl Panel is attached.

The key features of this Swisspearl panel are:

“Green features”

  • 100% Recyclable
  • LEED Awards
  • Longevity: life expectancy up to 60 years
  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Energy Cost Savings
  • Reliable product performance, high resistance to weather conditions and UV



  • Superior technical service from the design to the installation phase
  • Panels are delivered directly to jobsite ready to install
  • Reduces installation time, due to operational efficiency
  • Easy deconstruction due to clearly separated layers