There are various possibilities to reduce thermal bridges in the build-up of rainscreen cladding systems. One of the most common and standard methods used is a thermo-stop behind the wall bracket, this thermal interruption breaks the cold-bridging and reduces the amount of heat loss generated in a cavity build-up.

Aluminium L Bracket for facades

Swiss Façades  introduces the latest innovative system, the Zela Bracket to further minimise cold bridging. This is achieved by not only a Thermostop, but a further two breakpoints to separate the bracket (fixed to the wall) from the sword. Due to the additional interruptions/breakpoints (Green clips) these achieve further energy saving by giving better U-Values without the need to  increase the depth of insulation.

Zela Bracket are CE rated and Passive Haus certified.

Aluminium Zela Bracket for facades

Another added advantage of the Zela Bracket is the sword is centralised.  There is no need to change direction of the bracket as required when using a standard L bracket to give even load bearings. With the Zela bracket, due to design  higher load bearing capacity is achieved and results  that the quantity of brackets needed can be less than 40% of a standard L brackets.

When rivet fixing its a major advantage that there is no need for a rivet setting gauge when fixing an L or T rail. The sliding point is achieved by  the upward and downward sliding movement between the sword and bracket, what changes this movement into a fix point is the insertion of a red clip which prevents the sliding.

The whole process of installing the system is quick, simple and  designed “idiot proof”.  From the view point of a contractor or architect, it is easy to observe from a distance if the red clips is in the correct position, without having to depend to check that all the  rivets/tap screw have been installed into the correct hole/slot. which are not as easily visible.

Aluminium Zela Bracket for rainscreen cladding