The installation of Swisspearl® Cladding panels for Omagh Hospital has started. Over 2000msq of panels will be used for the façade of the building. Design – Todd Architects,  Main contractor- McLaughlin & Harvey and cladding installers Abbey Roofing.

Swisspearl 100% environmentally Friendly.

Swisspearl® cement composite panels are manufactured with low energy and a high level of environmental awareness.  The manufacturing process based on a closed water cycle and slow natural 28 days curing time requires little energy.  Within the factory, panels are only transported by electric lifting trucks, – ie no colloid dust.  The panels are 100% environmentally friendly since neither the raw materials nor the production process contain any harmful substances.  The cement composite panels are made from 95% of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverized limestone, water and air. This ensures an effective protection of material resources, avoiding unnecessary transport distances.

Cost efficiency Savings Energy  

The combination of rear ventilated cladding and outer thermal insulation layer will result in considerable savings primarily for cooling but also for heating energy. Construction and installation rear ventilated systems can be installed to a great extent regardless of weather and temperature. Kingspan framing and insulated panel were chosen as the sub-structure due the thermal values and speed of installation which contributed to an economic process within a favourable construction schedule.

The images above demonstrate how quickly the system is put together.

Stage 1 The insulated panels are fixed back onto the portal frame

Stage 2 The rails to support the cladding are fixed onto the face of the insulated panel,  The fixing does not penetrate through the insulation into the framework, preventing cold bridging and enabling to achieve a U-value 0.18 with  120mm Kingspan insulated panel.

Stage 3  Swisspearl panels pre-cut in the Factory are fixed back onto the rails.

The longevity of Swisspearl® cladding panels makes the economic advantage of the product obvious. A Swisspearl® façade is a cost-efficient and extremely economical building envelope which retains its value very well, thanks to its excellent characteristics such as easy assembly at all weather conditions, long life, functional reliability and being almost maintenance-free. Swisspearl® ventilated façades have proved in severe climates to be very energy efficient and cost effective over the long term. They also ensure a longer life expectancy for the building structure and the building envelope with low-cost maintenance.

With a lifetime of over 40 years, Swisspearl® improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope. When developing its products, Swisspearl® draws on its own exciting history, and examples of pioneering architecture, as well as seminal advancements in technology. This is what makes Swisspearl® the sustainable material of tomorrow.

Anne Hurl