Peanmount Healthcare Dublin Peamount Healthcare Dublin U Building Dublin Fibre Cement Cladding “U” building gets Presidential opening... Western Road fibre cement claddin by Swiss Facades in Republic of Ireland Student Accommodation, Western Road, Cork Stillorgan Village Shopping Centre Stillorgan Shopping Village
  • YMCA Portadown

    Swisspearl Fibre Cement Cladding for New YMCA June 2019 saw the [...]

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Swiss Facades are rainscreen fibre cement cladding specialists, providing innovative products and solutions to the construction marketplace. We are the sole distributors of Swisspearl® fibre cement high density cladding panels in Ireland. In addition we supply framing systems from Systea Germany, including the latest innovative systems certified by Passive Haus to achieve the optimum U-Values.


We are able to assist our clients to achieve efficient and effective solutions, in particular to identify ways to minimise the environmental impact onsite by reducing waste through our cutting services, material selection and installation process.

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Gravial Anthracite 3020 Gravial Range of 6 colours Gravial is a large format fiber cement panel with a linear, geometrical grooved surface. Vintago VI 021 Vintago Range of 10 colours Natural authentic, lively and unique look of fibre cement external rainscreen cladding. Carat Black 7020 Carat Range of 27 colours fibre cement panels are integrally coloured with a transparent lightly pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. Reflex Autumn Leaves 9270 Reflex Range of 11 colours Also with an integrally coloured core, these high tech panels bare an indescent surface finishing on pure acrylic base. Avera AV 100 Avera Range of 9 colours The dynamic manufacturing process gives Swisspearl® AVERA its incomparable, natural texture. Incora IN 100 Incora Range of 2 colours Each panel is individual, through a vivid spreading pattern uniquely balanced of different colours. Nobilis Crystal 125 Nobilis Range of 13 colours Nobilis panels are the older range of what was previously know as Pelicolor Panels. A grey base with a coloured top coating. Texial TE 212 Texial Range of 5 colours The fine surface structure gives the appearance of a fabric and is always one of a kind because it is embossed by hand.
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