About Swiss Facades

At Swiss Facades, we have a deep understanding of exterior cladding.  Above all, we are experts in Swisspearl rainscreen fibre cement cladding.  We selected Swisspearl as our supplier partner because they share our vision to create quality, visually pleasing and sustainable buildings.

Swiss Facades was incorporated in 2012, and have a base in Magherafelt. Our company goal is to set a high standard in the supply and installation of rainscreen fibre cement products. 

About rainscreen fibre cement cladding

Swisspearl rainscreen fibre cement cladding protects exterior walls from the elements.  As a result, this improves the overall thermal performance of the building, and lowers energy costs.  While practical, these innovative products are also aesthetically pleasing, with gravity defying designs.   The cladding is available in a wide range of colours and textures, and therefore can suit every style.  Swisspearl cladding shows a respect for nature, consequently offering architectural flexibility using timeless materials.

At Swiss Facades we have a genuine passion and interest in the work we do. For this reason, we want to help create iconic buildings of distinction.  As a result, when you choose Swiss Facades, you get a building which looks amazing,  but also makes economic sense.   Our clients can save money in installation costs, and long term maintenance.  We are passionate about helping our clients bring their projects to life, and making their projects our projects. 

Working with us

As leaders and experts in the exterior cladding industry, we listen to the requirements of architects and contractors.  Furthermore, our deep understanding enables us to assist our clients in the selection of the right products for each project.  We can also recommend solutions for minimising the environmental impact on site.  We have techniques for reducing waste through our cutting services, material selection, and installation process.

Our involvement is from project initiation, working closely with the architects on specifications, right through to the installation on site. We aim to have a collaborative approach, and similarly to understand our clients’ mission, vision and needs.   Ultimately we want to transform your ideas into reality.

Continuing Professional Development

With our cladding expertise, and deep knowledge of rainscreen fibre cement cladding, we can also provide a CPD seminar.  This is specially designed for specifiers, current, and future architects. The seminar will explain the manufacture of high performance fibre cement panels, and explore the available options and benefits of their role in rainscreen systems.

 “Your project is our project.”